Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brent and Barbara Stowell Family

So we just started this blog and we'll and more pictures and updates in the future. Its a working progress. Just a quick update- Summer is coming and our schedule is pretty full with family vactions and church camps. Were really excited to hit the lake ASAP. Jon, Lara and Ryder are doing great. They have their own blog spot at jonandlara.blogspot.com. Jenn is done with her second to last semeser of nursing school and is moving home for the summer. Jake just got called to the Halifax, Canada mission and is leaving on August 6th. He is really excited to get out into the mission field and serve the lord. Jesse is done with his Junior year at Gilbert High School and is looking forward to his senior year. Justin is done with Jr. high and can't wait to start high school. He' s especially excited to start playing highschool lacrosse. That a little over view, we'll and more in a little while.